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How to bat in Cricket? (Basics)

In the game of Cricket everyone want to hit lots of run, but you cannot make a single run without mastering basic things. For good batting, it requires psychological and physical skills. To achieve psychological side you will have to practise daily, by doing this you will gain lots of confidence. The physical side depends on some basic things like - A good bat, proper stance, grip etc.

I have been playing Cricket for long time but i was unable to hit a single six in tournaments, because less knowledge of basic things. When I got that things, my batting skills and confidence dramatically increased and I have been hitting sixes since then. 

Now we will discuss about them in detail :-

1. Bat
2. Grip
3. Stance
4. Back lift
5. Watch the ball
6. Play Shot

1. Bat :- Select a good bat for you, in proper length and weight according to your preferences. Select a bat according to your height, if you are tall and taking a sort bat, it isn't making sound good.

2. Grip :- How do you hold bat? it makes sense, place both hand properly on bat handle. For right handed, place your left hand on top of your bat handle then right under it. And left handed, do it opposite.

3. Stance :- Stance differs people to people but when it comes to right stance, you should place your legs in sideways of crease. Now distribute your weight 50-50 on both legs so you can make proper balance.

4. Back lift :- It should high in air when bowler is on his run up. High back lift makes great difference in batting. You can hit big sixes and even it helps in drives.

5. Watch the ball :- When bowler is coming close to you, see straight to your left shoulder and watch the bowler's hand and as ball reaches you.

6. Play shot:- According to the delivery, like if ball is on good length to over pitched, take out your front leg and give weight as possible as you can then play the shot. If ball is short pitched, go to your back foot and hit the ball.

For more details watch this video

Best of luck...

and sorry for my poor English.

Thanks.. :)

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