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Believe in Yourself

A well known speaker began his words by holding up a 500 rupee note. He asked his audience.
"Who among you would like to have this 500 rupee note."

Several hands went up, he crumpled the note and then asked "who still wants it?" The some hands want up again.

He dropped the crumpled note on the ground and stamped on it and proceeded to grind on the floor with his heel, picked up the note, now dirty and crumpled, he asked.

 "Now who still wants it?" the hands want up again".

My friends, said the speaker you have all learnt a lesson. No matter what I did to the money. You still want it because it did not decrease it value. Many times in life we are treated shabbily by many people, and fate and circumstances may grind us into dust. But remember like 500 rupee note.

"You will never lose your values".

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