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Can You Remember Your Childhood

Today in this busy time can you remember your childhood?
If you can recall, you will surely remember.

"The Teacher whom you loved.
The School where you were educated.
The Mischief you did where.
The time when you were punished.
The Encouragement that made you confident.
The Goals where you reached.
The Creative of your mind.
The first Love of your life.
The Mistake that change your life.
The Friend whom you lost.
The Stealing which you still remember.
The Lies you told.
The Demand that made your parents cry.
The Stories of your Gran parents.
The Day you succeeded.
The Night of fearful thought.
The Desire which you could not fulfill.
The Foolishness for which you feel shame.
Those Glories days will never be ours.
 Again so, friends enjoy your childhood to the utmost.

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