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Failure and Success

  • It is said by man of letters that - "Failure is the key of success" . Failure is the process by which success happens. Failure is an account of success. Whenever we failed in any task we call up our mistake and drawbacks. As soon as we correct our mistakes or remove our drawbacks. We become close to our success.

  • Failure is the stepping stone to ethics anyone who ever did memorable things first failed with something. Thomas Edison failed with light bulb thousands of times, And at the last he got success.

  • Whenever we fail we must try with our tooth and nail to be succeeded. We should give our self to our effort. Taking action is only the way to succeed. We should catch our eyes to our goal, and then by hook or by crook, keep on our action. People should play the game of success and run faster their goal until they achieve it.
  • They should not fear from Failure. "Failure breeds success and the truth".

  • The sub and sub stain is that - "The mansion of success is build on foundation of failure".

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