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7 Ways to Improve Your Attitude

7 Ways to Improve Your Attitude

1. Choose to be Enthusiastic: 

Corporate presidents voted it the most valuable personality trait. It's the biggest single factor in successful selling. Think enthusiastically. Talk enthusiastically. Become enthusiastic by acting enthusiastic. Your thoughts and actions establish your level of enthusiasm.


2. Be Alive to Everything You Do:

Walk fast. put a bounce in your step. A vigorous, hearty handshake indicates you are glad to be alive and happy to be with the other person. A good smile radiates enthusiasm. put spirit into your speech by varying the tempo, raising and lowering the pitch, changing the tone and modulation. force yourself to act with enthusiasm, and soon you will feel enthusiastic.

3. Broadcast Good New: 

No one ever made a friend or accomplished anything worthwhile by transmitting bad news. Good news, on the other hand, promotes good-will and spreads enthusiasm. the message, ''Hey! I've got good news'' gets the attention of every one. Take sunshine to school or work. Always aim to make the person you talk to feel better than they otherwise would.

4. The Power of Visualization:

Imagination powerfully influences successful outcomes. When imagination and willpower compete, the imagination always wins. Force of will never keep you striving for success, but visualization will. All peak performers visualize success. Before you try to do anything, close your eyes and visualize yourself doing it well.

 5. Positive Self-Talk:

What  did you say to yourself today? Did you moan and groan about everyone at school or work? Did you complain about your parents to your best friend? What we think is 100% reflected in how we feel. If all we think about is negative thoughts, out actions will be negative. Remember ''I'm a 10! I'm Healthy! Wealthy! Happy! I do what I ought to do, when i ought to do it, whether I want to or not! No Debate! I love me!''

6. Love Others: 

How  can we become more loving? By bringing encouragement, optimism, and hope to all that we meet. By helping others feel comfortable in our presence. By spreading joy and goodwill. By being concerned about the wishes and desires of others. By understanding, caring, accepting, and forgiving. By becoming more concerned about helping others achieve their individual desires.

7. Never miss 1 to 6 Above: 

Go, choose your Attitude and choose your own way!


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