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Good Morning SMS Collection 1 (eng)

Wen u Start ur Day,keep 3words in ur pocket:
TRY : 4 Better future.
TRUE: For ur Work.
TRUST: in God.

   /"'/  /"'/I..
  /  /__/  /ello..
 /  _ _   /ow ru..
/,,/  /,,/ave a Nice  DAY . .

When somthing valuable is near us,
we wont care 4 it.
If we Miss that prescious thing,
we start feeling 4 it.
>Thats life!

Thought towards the nation:
"A soldier fights not because
he HATES the one in front of him..
But because he LOVES the people behind him..

We wait for our special ones to msg daily
But we dont or indeed forget to REALIZE that
they r busy with their special one..

Wen u feel sad,go infront of mirror
Luk at urself n say"M So Cute"U'l smile
automaticaly Bt
dont make it habit coz

=M=O=O=N=is switched off=S=U=N=is switched on

Blue sky come in & black sky go on
Have a
Have a nice day.

***\D\* *?E
\I \*****?D

Believe Where Others doubt.
Work Where Others refuse.
Save Where Others Waste.
Stay Where Others Quit.
And you Will Win Where Others lose!!

Hot,             ))
Fresh,       _((_
Strong      \__/?
Coffee ready & waiting for u..Wake up..!
Good mrng.
"Hav a Great & Successful Day".

Prayer is not a spare wheel that
u pull out when ur in trouble.
Use it as a stering wheel that
keep u on the right path through out ur life.

Do not count what u have lost.
Just see what u have now,
because past never comes back but
sometimes future can give u back ur lost things..

Aankhen kholo subah ho chuki,
Saari duniya khoob so chuki,
Ab aur na koi baat karo,
Mere morning message k saath
apne din ki shuruwat karo.

When you pray for others,
God listen to you and blesses them..
& sometimes wen U r safe &
happy remember that someone has prayed 4 U..!

Diamond words..

"One who wins without problem it is just"    "VICTORY" 


"One who wins with lot of troubles" that is      "HISTORY"

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