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Everything by Experience

"Mere bookish knowledge is not good. It must be supplemented by practical experience. What we learn from books is not as important as we gain from experience.

Indeed, knowledge gain from experience is accurate complete & invaluable, as we know mistakes are good teacher, If we respect them. It teaches us what to do and what not to do. If we want to drive a car or play cricket and fly an aeroplane, we could have to do it with our self. We can learn a thing once for all by experience in spite of bookish knowledge. Whenever we re at a pinch & in hot water we learn how to cut guardian not, ups and downs of life also bring home us, how to face music.

Practice is an exercise and mantra which tunes both our physical and mental entities to required frequency that leads us to maturity. Doing not such activity that enhances will power of a person. long and sort is that experience is better than bookish knowledge." 

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