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Positive Thinking

One positive thinking exercise that is simple to do every day is positive affirmation. you may not know what that is but I'll tell you. An affirmation is something positive that you say to something that is already happening, and it can be a useful tool use to shift the way that you think from negative to positive. what you do is come up with a few statements like ''I am creating a spectacular day'' or ''money and succeed gravitate towards me'' and spend some time every morning and every night if you can saying them aloud.

You should try to come up with different statements that apply and make the most sense to you, you must also state them in present tense, and in a positive way. this can be very effective. Listen to positive music everyday is quite effective. It can be anywhere, it can be in your room or even in the car. the car is a great place to listen to this kind of music.

This is a great place because many people tend to
spend a lot of their time on the road. you should try to listen to music that you feel is inspiring and you feel good while listening to it. A good idea would be purchasing motivational personal development C D .s however they do not only have to be played while your driving, they can be played while on the bus as well.

Another activity would be to make a whole bunch of positive images and surround yourself with them. these types of images can be anything from famous quotes to inspiring pictures or you can even make use of the affirmations that you make and write them down on cards. However you should always have physical reminders of things you think are positive close by at all times.

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