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Pygmalion Effect

  • If a child lives with criticism, he learns to Condemn,
  • If a child lives with hostility, he learns to Fight,
  • If a child lives with the ridicule, he learns to be Shy,
  • If a child lives with shame, he learns to feel Guilty,
  • If a child lives with tolerance, he learns to be Patient,
  • If a child lives with encouragement, he learns Confidence,
  • If a child lives with praise, he learns to Appreciate,
  • If a child lives with fairness, he learns Justices,
  • If a child lives with, security, he learns to Faith,
  • If a child with approval, he learns to like Himself,
  • If a child lives with acceptance and Friendship,

    • If you spray perfume on other people, they will do the same to you. And if you smear them with dirty water they will do that to you, too,

    • If you find others making mistakes, no harm in pointing out if you are an expert yourself. But the real boldness lies admitting your own mistakes and laughing at yourself.

    • The mind of an infant is empty, it is fresh. It has no preconceived idea; it is free from the habits of experience and therefore, open to all possibilities. The in an has no thoughts of achievement, and makes no demands. It makes no judgments no distinctions. The infant lives in the absolute present.

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