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Good Morning SMS Collection 3 (eng)

"Sweet sweet Morning" "cold cold climate"
"Hot hot Tea" A litle heart beat
says  very very Good Morning.
& Have A Nice day...

You're like the first slice of bread in
the packet. Everyone touches you, but
nobody really wants you.

Funny but True-
Respect Old people,
dey graduated without d help of

I luv people lyk u
who luv othrs lyk me
make othrs
lyk me 2 luv othrs,
lyk U

Read again
It hs a wondrful meaning.!

The Best Insulting Lines Written in the Exam Hall above Clock..
Time Will Surely Pass,
Will You..?

Success is like a beautiful lover
It will leave us at anytime,
Failure is like a mother
It will teach us some important lessons of life.. !

When a Heart beats, it says
Do you know what it means? LUB says ¿Live Your Best¿
DUB says ¿Do Your Best¿ in Life..
Enjoy every beat.. !

Don't Be A Parrot In Life,
Be An Eagle.
A Parrot Speaks But Cant Fly High,
But An Eagle Is Silent
Has The Willpower To Touch The Sky..!!

Short sentence wid deep meaning-
If someone doesn't brighten your life,
don't take off your sunglasses,
just find sunshine somewhere else.

Every successfull person has a painfull story
Every painfull story has a successfull ending
Accept the pain
get ready 2 success

Every gal wants a Bad boy who will be good just for her...
Every Boy wants a good gal who will be bad just for him...

Mind Makes Brilliant Decision,
With Some Mistakes.
Heart Takes Cute Decisions,
With 100 Percent Satisfaction...
Have A Good Day...

God said,
write your plans in pencil,
but give Me the eraser.
I might have something better for you.
Gud Mrng.

Funda of the day:
If someone closes their doors 4 u then make them realise dat
Kundi darwaze k dono taraf hoti hai..

Request by a confused alarm clock 2 dear Human
U Get mad whn i wake u up
u also Get mad whn i dnt..
Chahta kya he be tu?

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  1. Nice collection of Happy Good morning sms... I will send this to all my friend to cheer their day