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Good Morning SMS Collection 6 (eng)

Morning Sky is Shining Blue..
Grass Covered with Crystals of Dew..
May God Shower his Blessings on U..
Wishing the Happiest day to
U :-) :-)

Sleeping account Time
Has been Expired
Leave Ur Bed
Open Ur Eyes
And c Ur Mobile
I wish U

Time is always with
the people who hav
The Courage to fly
Not with the people
who stand d ground
And Watch the sky.

Old Saying But NEW ;) meaning:-
Early to Bed and Early to Rise...
Proves that the Man is sick
& Tired of his Wife.. :P :D
Gud Morning.

A Bird Asked A Bee,U Work So Hard 2 Get HONEY
& Ppl Steal It.
Dont U Feel Sad?
Bee-No,Bcoz Dey Can Never Steal My Art Of MAKING HONEY!

Itz crazy
D way u see sm1 for 2mins
Yet it was d best of ur day.
Bt itz crazier wen u find urslf
thinkin abt dat prsn 4 d nxt 23hr n 58min.

Unchangeble Truth:
""No one can bring us down from where God has kept us
No one can promote us to a place God has not designed for us.""

A Superb line by Nepolean:-
The Dreams of a Man,
The smile of a Woman,
Can do Anything in this World.

Wen u do anything new
at first people laugh at u,
den they challenge u,
den they watch u succeed
den they wish if they were u. :-)

Don't be too honest in this world
Straight trees are always chosen first for cutting....

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