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Good Night SMS Collection 1 (eng)

doesn't depend on d size of our Goal
on d size of our Faith.
Keep faith 2 make everything possible!!
Good nite.

Relationships don't shine by shaking
hands at the best of times..
But it blossoms by holding hands
firmly during critical times..
Gud night.

A couple had a huge fight 1 nite.
Goin 2 bed,
husband sayz,
"gudnite old mother of 3 kidz"

wife rpld
"gudnite father of none.."

A Very
Meaningful Sentence
If You Do Not Use Today
Better Than Yesterday
Then Why Do You
Need Tomorrow.
Good Night.

Common sense is not a gift.
It is a punishment.
Because you have to deal with everyone
who doesnt have it.

Don't use ur power of tounge on ur parents,
whom u learnt how to pronounce....!!
Good Drms
Swt Ngt.

True Fact:-
It's a sad thing that in India,
a Hockey stick is probably associated
with gang war more than the sport itself..

It takes a lot of experience
on the first night after marriage to
Kiss like a beginner.

Never Say Good Bye To Someone Who Loves You,
Never Say Thanx Who Really Needs You,
Never Blame A Person Who Really Trust You,
Never Forget A Person Who Think You As Life ..!

Maturity is,
when you quit praying for the right one
start praying that the wrong ones stay away..

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