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Good Night SMS Collection 2 (eng)

When You Are Happy,
You Enjoy The Music..
When You Are Sad,
You Understand The Lyrics..

If som1 steps on ur foot n asks:
'did i hurt u?'
step on der foot hrdly n ask...
""cn u feel my answr.?""
sum tims its gud to be stupid.!:

There Are Two Kinds Of People
The TAKER May Eat Better
The GIVERS Sleep Better. :) :)
Always b GIvErS. :)
Good night..

Admit it,
We all have
someone's number In our
phone That the other person
doesn't know we have it.

People dont care for U when U are alone..
They just care for U when they are Alone...
Hurting But True.

Thoughtful lines-
Sleeping alone is better than
sharing your bed with someone,
who shares a bed with someone else
when you're not around.

Cool words...
Wish All Your Enemies A Long Life,
So That,
They Can See You Succeed In Life:

Sad but true..!
""Wen the relation is new,
people find reasons to talk and meet.
But as it becomes old,
people find excuses to avoid..""
Good night..

The Danger Of Being
Lonely is
That U Wil Fall Easily For
The Vry First Person
Who Shows You Dat
You Are Not Alone!!

How many SECRETS hidden in ur mobile
r directly proportional to,
How quickly u snatch it back when someone takes It.

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