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Love SMS Collection 3 (eng)

The scariest thing about "Distance"
is that..
you're not sure..!
if that person would..
either Miss u or Forget u.!

Cutest moment:
Gal n Boy r prayin 2gthr,
Gal- GOD, pls fulfil all his wishes,
Guy-GOD, u dnt hv 2 wory,
m stil alive 2 fulfil al her wishes.

Cute proposal:>
Boy: plz close ur Eyes for a movement.
Girl: ok
Boy: Andhera dikh raha he na
Girl: Yes
Boy: that is my life without u.

Thats lack of trust in her cooking skills.
When a wife makes tea for her husband
& he asks her 2 take a sip first.
Dats not love dammit!

Boy: eXcuse Me
Girl: yeS
Boy: aRe yoU a Dictionary??
Girl: NO
Boy: but should be a dictionary,
bcoz U have given meaning to My LiFE..

Sometimes all you need is a broken heart to realize that
Something even better is right in front of our eyes,
just waiting to be found.

If You Love Someone,
Give Them The Option To
Never Give Them A Reason To Leave..

Letting go of someone you love
is like putting ur favorite things into donation box...
You'll mis it but u knw someone deserves it more...

I'll Continue my Love even if my Love fails Coz,
how wud I hate d heart
which made me 2 Love more than My Life...

Hurting Lines By a Facebook lover
Doesn't Matter If U Don't Like My Status
Pls Don't UNLIKE after LIKE..
It Hurts like HE'LL.

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