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Funny SMS Collection 10 (eng)

That awkward moment wen u:
wait 4 a text but den u realize
u r d one who didnt reply.

When 1 DOOR of Happiness is closed,
Another DOOR will open 4 U.
When 1 DOOR is closed,
Just break it in DAYA's style..!

Oh god!!
My parents say its their house,
but when its time to clean it,
it magically becomes my house too!!

Baby mosquito came back after 1st time flying,
his mom asked him How do u feel?
He replied: It was wonderful,
Every1 was clapping 4 me.

Gal-Wats More Important 2 u? Ur life Or Me?
Boy-B4 I Answer, let me Ask u Something.
Boy-U Copied dis Question frm Facebook na?

Bcoz of d change in hormones a fruit
get ripens &
falls off the tree.
Poor Newton! He thought
its bcoz of Gravity!

1) Change your name to ""No One.""
2) Now Try to add someone.
It will say, 'No One' wants to be
your friend.

Deactivating your Facebook is like
running away from home.
U're jus doing it for
attention, & u'll b
back in an hour or two.

Single is nt a status
Its a word dat describes a prsn
whoz strong enuf 2live & njoy lyf
widout depending on othrs.
Mann ki Tasalli k liye....

Thought 4 the Day:-
Please replace your Tooth Brush
before it becomes Sunflower....

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