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Love SMS Collection 4 (eng)

I SiT HeRe CrYiNgg...
N0T BeCauSe
I MiSs Y0u...
BuT BeCauSe I Kn0w
I'll NeVer HaVe A ChaNce
T0 HurT Y0u
LiKe Y0u HurT Me..

If there is any purest form of love,
it is frm ur mother.
If u find a near equivalent in any1
else u have won ur life!

Height of Flirting
Guy:Excuse me
Guy:M new here,
If I go straight dis way wl I b able 2 reach ur hrt?
Gal:I dnt knw,M lost in ur eyes.

MOdern DefinitiOn Of
""BOy Friend""
A Person WhO Has TO Lyk
All The Status N Photos OF Her GF
NO Matter HOw Bad They Are.. :-/ :-|"

Nice Saying:-
You Don't Realy Need Some One To Complete You,
You Just Need Sumone To Accept You Completly.
That Is The Beauty Of A Relation.

Exelnt msg in human life~
Good Behaviour Can Cover the Lack Of Beauty~
Beauty Can Never Cover the Lack Of Good behaviour....

Awesome Lines forever:-
I'm glad I'm an average looking,
because then I know someone loves me for me,
not as a trophy they can show off.

The way we cam 2knw eachother!
the way we 1st spoke!
the way v relate today!
amazing how unknwn ppl bcome
unforgettable part of our lives :("

Loneliness Teaches Us Everything
In This World Except How To Forget
The Person Who Made Us Lonely..!!

Very true:
Relationships never die a natural death.
They are always murdered''...! :-|
Think about it..!

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