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Good Night SMS Collection 3 (eng)

Best Line Written In Front Of A Church:
"Always Believe In God Bcoz,
There Are Some Questions That Can Not Be Answered By Google"..

Many times I Have Disturbed you,
Troubled You,
Fooled you,
Irritated you,
Today I just want to say 3 Words
I will Continue..
Gud nit..

Exelnt msg in human life~
Good Behaviour Can Cover the Lack Of Beauty~
Beauty Can Never Cover the Lack Of Good behaviour.....

Loneliness Teaches Us Everything
In This World Except How To Forget
The Person Who Made Us Lonely..!!

Very true:
""Relationships never die a natural death.
They are always murdered''...! :-|
Think about it..!! :-(

Great lines to remember:-
You are loved when you are born..
You are loved when you die..
In between you have to manage.!! :)

How easily ppl change
Wen dey r alone dey need u
Wen der is no1 beside dem,
u r importnt &Wen dey find sum1 new,
suddnly dey dont bother abt U.

We cannot take anything along with us
when we leave this world,
except our cared one's tears..
So live for loved ones who live for u...

You will never realize
how much you care about a peRsoN
until the thought of his/her being with
someone else is enough to break your heart!!

Avoiding somthng doesn't always mean that u hate it..
It could also mean that u want it..
But u just know that it isn't  yours.

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