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Funny SMS Collection 16 (eng)

Latest Philosophy:
""If u do regular study,
it means u d0n't hav confidence in urself.
Study at last moment & show ur confidence."" :-P Lolzz

If It Seem EASY
You Are DOING It
WRONG ... :D :P

Tintu As Director:
U Shud Jump 2 The Swimming Pool From 100ft Height.
Hero: I Dont know Swimming!
Tintu: Dont Worry, Pool Is Empty.

Height of Revenge:
Santa CatChes a MosQuito,
Sings a Song & The MosQuito Goes-2 sLeep
Then Santa Goes Near MosQuito's Ear & ShOuts ""ZUIINNN"""

Most regretting moment in School/Collge Life-
Completed assignments by writing
late night
and forget it to put in bag... :/

Techr:Y r u sleepin in cls?
Stdnt:Ur voice iz so swt dtz y im getin sleep
Techr-Den y othr ppl r nt sleepin?
Stdnt-Dey arent listeng 2 u mam.

Everything in d world is beautiful
depending on context...
A school bell sounds annoying at 9am
but d same sounds melodious at 4pm.

Rajnikant & A Girl were playing Cards (Teen Patti),
Rajnikant had 3 Ekkas (AAA) but cud not win, Why?
Bcoz the Girl had 3 Rajnikants..

Santa is Greater dan Newton
Check dis!
Newton:Wen v Throw A Ball in d Air,
y Does It Come Down?
Santa-der Is Nobody In d Air 2 Catch D Ball..

We Live In A Era 0f

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