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Funny SMS Collection 15 (eng)

Universal Truth:
Have you ever noticed that when you shout
''HEY IDIOT....!!''
About 10 people turn around..... ;) :D

Doctors after operation & students after the exam.
Both tell the same answer.
""We tried our best,
cant say anything right now "..."

True Lines:-
A good date ends with dinner.
An awesome date ends with
breakfast!! ;) :P
jo samje woh hase warna POGO dekhe. :D

Mr.BeaN CaMe OuT oF D EXaM HaLL
VeRy SaD & ToLD HiS FrND:
"I DnT KNw D PaST TeNSe oF ""THINK""
I THOUGHT & THOUGHT & finaly wrote 'THONK'!"

Think abt Dravid in dis way-
""Dravid is the only cricketer
who has a place even in the national anthem of India"" :)

The day is not so far
when somebody will knock at your door and say,
""Hey... we have 7 mutual friends on Facebook.
Can I come in..??"" :D ;)"

Aftr drinking:
Men talk unnecessarily,
bcum emotional,
drive badly,
continue thinking,
fight 4 nothng
women can do all these widout drinking..

Wife-Its my badluck dat I married u,
othrwise lots of smart boys wer interestd in me..
Hsbnd-Ofcourse dey must b smart,
dats y dey escaped frm U..

I hate my life
I just don't wanna live anymore
I want to end my life
Ohh ! Ok wait
Got my Internet Connection back
I'm happy now :D

Boy:I Lv u
Boy:I Won't Live widout u
Boy:I'l Die 4 U
Boy:I'l Gift U a Gold Ring
Grl:Aww Pakka?

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