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Good Morning SMS Collection 5 (eng)

Life is a Book of Mysteries..
U nvr knw vch page wil bring a gud twist.
So.keep on Reading.
Coz Happiness comes wen it is Most unexpected.

Nice Saying:-
You Don't Realy Need Some One To Complete You,
You Just Need Sumone To Accept You Completly.
That Is The Beauty Of A Relation...

Lovely Lines-
""Any love or happiness given to anyone always comes back,
unfortunately we expect it from the same person...!!"" :-)
Good Mrng.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things
I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
& the wisdom to know the difference.

Awesome Lines forever:-
I'm glad I'm an average looking,
because then I know someone loves me for me,
not as a trophy they can show off.

Most regretting moment in School/Collge Life-
Completed assignments by writing
late night
and forget it to put in bag... :/

A fantastic quote 4 life time:
Satisfy the person who expect a smile from You..
Surprise the person who never expected anything from u.

I'm Perfect In My Imperfections,
Secure In My Insecurities,
Happy In My Pain,
Strong In My Weaknesses,
n Beautiful In My 0wn Way. :)

Motivational Msg:-
""No one can rise suddenly in the world,
not even the sun"" :-)
Good Morning..
Keep :-)"

Beautiful and truthful quote:
""If you smile wen no one else is around,
you really mean it !!"" :)
Keep :-)

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  1. Nice collection of Good morning sms... I will send this to all my friend to cheer their day