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Friendship SMS Collection 2

Emotional Sentence By Frnd..

"Longest Distnce on Earth Isn't 4rm North 2 South,
Its Wen I Stand Infront of u, n u Ignore Me".

Seconds for Introduction,
Minutes for discussion,
Hours for attraction,
Days for construction &
years for relation of Friendship..

LOVE is a Small Coin
LIFE is a BIG Coin
Wife is a Lucky Coin
Lover is a Sweet Coin

Keep it safe it.

U r d Best Heart Surgeon in d World,
U Made a Place in My Heart without Cuting &
Spilling blood..
I'm Lucky 2 have a CuteFrnd Like U...!!!

Fish said to water .
"u cannot see my tears,
b'coz i am inside water"
water rplyd  "but i can feel ur tears,
b' coz u r in my heart" thats friendship!!!

Frndship is not a word,
not simply a relationship,
it is a silent promise which says,
"I AM"
a HEADACHE 4 u,4evr & ever..!

If I get ur SMILE,I dont need flowers.
If I get ur VOICE,I dont need MUSIC.
If u speak to me,I dont need anybody else.
U just b my FRIEND,I dont need the WORLD.

Lips r lyk friends. If we say Studying,reading,
writing d lips wil nvr join!
if we say party,bunking,playing,shopping.
sale fat se jud jate h.

Fan is change by
Radio is change by
Casset is change by 'CD'
Lover is change by "Wife"
no option to change a "FRIEND"

My report card-

Attitude___ %

Clever___ %

Looks___ %

Voice___ %

Dressing___ %

Smile___ %

Nature___ %

Nakhra__ %


As a frnd__ %

Plz reply.

Distance never separates any relation.
Time never builds any relation.
If feelings are truely from d heart.
Then frnds are always frnds forever.....

Best frndship Quote:
99% of my prblms r solved by my friends!
Undoubtedly 100% of those prblms r
created by the SAME ID!0TS...! :-)"

Sumtyms I luk at my frnds n,
think to myself,
Where d he!! did I meet these crazy people?
But then I think Wat d he!! wud I do widout dem..

Sadly true..
Fake friends giv u their umbrella
wen d sun is shining,
but want it bak wen its raining.

Touching lines by a frnd jst b4 death:
Cover my face b4 my frnds reach,
Othrwse dey'll tak photo & upload on Facebuk
I cant coment on it.

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