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Funny SMS Collection 3 (eng)

Dad Always Says
""Moneys Doesn't Grow On Trees""
Dad!! Money Is Made From Paper & Paper Comes From Trees.
Therefore Your Argument Is Invalid.

A Ghost went for haircut in disguise...
Barber said-
'I am Busy..'
But Ghost said
""Dats ok, I wil leave my head here & collect later""

Dear hair removal commercials,
stop shaving hairless legs..,
If you want to impress us, please shave a gorilla..

If boys talk in D class
then sir-
""U boys r making noise
Getout frm d class
& if girls talk
then sir-
""kya baate chal rhi h hume b batao."""

That awkward moment -
when your chair makes a f@rting sound,
and then you can't repeat the noise
once you try to show someone what it was.

HEART Touching Lines
Next Time I'll Send U KIDNEYTouching Lines.

The best example for
""Incredible India"" is:
""One has to check both sides
while crossing even a one-way road..!!

Wife:U had Lunch?
Husband:U had Lunch?
W:Am asking U
H:Am asking U
W:Are U Copying Me?
H:Are U Copying Me?
W:I Love U
H:I Had Lunch.

Once upon a time,
every man wanted his wife to look like Aishwarya!
Aishwarya has started looking like
every man's wife!

D Best ""Oops!""
Moment of COLLEGE LIFE..
Wen D Teacher is lukin 4 Some1 to Answer d Question
& u Accidently make an Eye-Contact!!

Ultimate on Rupee-
Rupee fall is actually a revenge by 'Dollar and Euro'
we made Underwear Brands out of them.

doctor adviced plz
don't drink water after eating fish
fish start swimming & causes gudgudi in stomuch.

Now i know:
why those women on Fashion TV are so thin..
because no matter what time you switch to the channel,
you'll always see them walking.

Son-in-law to father-inlaw:
Dear Dad,
I deeply regret taking Petrol Car in dowry,
plz take ur daughter or car back.
Can't afford both!

Most Humiliated Lines Ever Said By Me,
""Your Intelligence.!
Is My Common Sense.""

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