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Funny SMS Collection 4 (eng)

I dnt undrstnd dose couples
dat fite n a min latr deir status
on fb:""Single""
U fite wit ur parents but
I dnt see ur status: ""Orphan""

An AMERICAN DOCTOR got heart attack
aftr reading a book's name..
""How to becom a DOCTOR in 30 DAYS?
MRP Rs 20!!"

The only people I have ever seen
drinking LIMCA are in its advertisement.

Drinking and driving should not be a problem now.
Who can afford alcohol & petrol on the same day?
Thanks to hike in petrol.

Finally, its gonna be a dream come true,
All gals' dream man will come on a white horse!
All thanks to the petrol price hike!

Behind every successful man,
there is a WOMAN...
If u need more success...
Increase the number of women.
Thats all....

3Boys proposing
1-I Cn die4u
Gal-Evry1 says lyk dis
2-I Cn get stars4u
Gal-Prety old dialog
3:I Cn Delete My FB ACC
Gal in tears:Il Mary U".

That awkward moment when,
your friend marries a girl name Savita,
and for the rest of your life
you have to address her as Savita Bhabhi.

Q: What would ROADIES be called if
they used Horses instead of Bikes ?

Boy:U dnt luv me anymore
Gal huged him tightly n whispered in his ear,
""dekh abhi examz ne dimag kharab kar rakha h,
Tu dimag ka dahi mat kar""".

Thailand:Amazing Thailand
India:Incredible India
Malaysia:Truly Asia
Wonder Wat Pak's Tourism tagline can b?
""Hav a blast,it mite b ur last"""

Risk is my life
Possible is my luv
Imposible is my aim
Dangerous is my game
Dnt ply wth me bcz
SMS KING is my Name.

A very Honest proposal by a Guy:
""Baby I Luv u.
I Luv u more than I Luv Beer..
And Trust me
I truly Love Beer..

They wont give their phone no. even to a KNOWN PERSON.
But they give all their PRIVATE details to an UNKNOWN TAILOR..

I am a very responsible person (-_-)
whenever something gose wrong.
everybody says that,
"i am responsible 4 it"