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Good Morning SMS Collection 2 (eng)

Target Must B Simple & challengable...
Thoughts Must B Pure & Positive...


Life will Always B Meaningful & Beautiful.

Gud mrng

In exam
boy told girl "all the best"
girl replied "all the best"
girl- 80 marks
boy- 08 mrks
moral: boys wil wish with true heart.

GooD MoRnInG

Road has speed limit
bank has money limit

exam has time limit

bt success has no limit

thnk big achieve big.

Love is Docomo,do the New.
Mariage is idea can change Ur life
Wife is Hutch, wer ever U go she folows
But Frienship is Airtel Express Urself.

I thought being happy was the most
toughest thing on earth...
But the toughest is acting happy with
all unspoken pain inside..!!
gud morning

Superb meaningful Line:
"Never raise your voice,
Just improve the quality of your argument..."

The two hardest things to say in life:
1) Hello for the 1st time to unknown person!
2) Good bye for the last time to whom we love most..!

-If you learn from your mistakes,
you are inteligent..
if you learn from somebody's mistake then you are a Genius..!

Welcome the fresh morning with a "Smile" on ur "Face"
"Love" in ur "Heart" & "Gud Thought" in ur "mind" &
u will have a wonderful have a nice day.

 ,;* '';,;* '';,;* ' ';,
 *, ''MORNING'*
  _)(_  _)(_  _)(_

Past is Waste Paper
Present is News Paper
Future is Question Paper
Life is Answer Paper
Read & Write it and enjoy life

Umbrella cn nt stop the rain
but allows us to stand in the rain,

Confidence may nt bring success
bt it gives the power to face the challenge...
take care.GM

Faith maks evrythng possible,
Hope maks evrythng work,
Love maks evrythng beautiful.
May u hav al 3 as u bgn each day

Mother is a god
R-Rises 4 u..

 ( i!i Good i!i! )
  '+ Morning +'
Have a lovely smile on your face
n "Enjoy Fantastic Day"

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