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Funny SMS Collection 11 (eng)

Teacher- Give a best example for 'Great Time Saver'?
Student- Love at First sight, sir.. ;)

Height of lazyness:
If there was an award for laziness,
I wud probably send someone to
pick it up for me.! :)
Keep :-)"

When I Was In School
The 1st To Finish the EXAM means
OMG! he Knows Evrythng!
At College, The 1st to finish means
Lol..he Knows Nothing!

When I was a child
the Dead Sea was
only sick.....!

Almost true:
Wenever Sachin makes 100,
india loses the match,
Wenever Kohli makes 100,
india is out of the tournament in d next match.

D mst funy thing abt horror movies.
D persn shout 'hey anybdy der?
as if.
D ghost ws gonna rply- 'yeah baby.
m in d kitchen ! Wnt a sandwich!

Why kareena kapoor did not marry Shahid kapoor?
Bcoz she wanted a new surname after marriage.
Not Kapoor again. :D"

Serious Doubt:-
If A Poison Has Expired Date...
Then Its Less Poisonous Or More Poisonous....??!??
Any answer have you..?? ;) :D"

RaJnikaNth Once RoLLed a DiCe & ScOred a 7.!!

Last Words said by the American Soldiers to Osama Bin Laden..
Attly battly futtly
(GAME ENDS).. :D ;)

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