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Funny SMS Collection 6 (eng)

Awesome Fact
Deleting your facebook is like running away from home.
You are just doing it for attention & you'll be back in an hour.

Chill Guys!!!
It was Mr. Rajanikanth who jumped from his terrace to the road !
And we thought it was an Earthquake...!!

Judge-Tell me ur last wish before u r hanged.
Criminal-I want to see KASAB hanged before I Die, Sir.
Since Then Even He Is Enjoying Freedom!

For Everyone:
If you don't know
how to dance. Just draw
your name in the air with
your bums. Problem solved.

A lady buys new Sim card.
To surprise husband, She goes to the Kitchen,& calls
He says call u later dear.
The devil Is in kitchen.

Uses of Facebook:
If u lose something in ur room,
take a picture of ur room,
put it on Facebook & play ""I Spy"".

Faadoo insult:
TEACHER: Sit up in front.
Student: No, I Take Seat in d Back 4 a Reason.
I don't want 2 see your UGLY face in HD.

Brilliant Idea:-
Doing the moonwalk is the only way
2 look cool while wiping
dog cr@p off your shoes.
Izzat NeelamiSe Bach Jayegi.

Ultimate One:-
TITANIC has now come in 3D,
If they yet don't See the Ice-berg then...
they DESERVED it...!!!

Ticket Seller-Boss,No1 buying Ra.1 ticket.
V wil b ruined.
Theatre Owner-Giv it free.
Once dey enter,close d door & sell Exit ticket for Rs500.

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