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Funny SMS Collection 14 (eng)

Getting Bored???
Need some fun in lyf???
Go to a stranger's Wedding and scream...
""Dont marry..
Abhi bhi I love you..!!!"" ;)

Food for Thought:-
If Child Labour Is A Crime
Then Why Teacher Gives
Homework !?!?? ;-) :-(

TCher: What is the 1st Month?
Studnt: January
TCher: What is th 2nd Month?
Studnt: February
TCher: What is the 10th Month?
Studnt: DeLivery..

Diagram in book was not clear .
So,madam drew diagram on blackboard and announced
"Don't look at Book Figure, Look at my Figure"...

Height Of Insult !
Im not saying
You are stupid
Im just saying
You have got bad luck
When it comes to thinking. :D :P

Santa As Director:
U Shud Jump 2 The Swimming Pool From 100ft Height.
Hero: I Dont know Swimming!
Santa: Dont Worry, Pool Is Empty. ;)

Extreme Flirt:
Boy-Wana go out?
Gal-I hav a Boyfrnd
Boy-I hav a Fish
Boy-oh! I thought v r thinkng abt
d things dat dont matter..

Height of addiction-
In a college form,
When asked about
A student wrote''www.facebook .com'':P :D

Rajni Facts-
Rajnikant dosen't wear a Watch.
He decides what TIME is. ;)
Rajnikant got his drivers license at the age of

Wana b 1st in CLASS?
1)Wake up evryday at 5am
2)Drink tea or coffee
3)Go 2 college at 6.00am!
Nobody wil b there.
U r 1st in class. :P

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