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Love SMS Collection 6 (eng)

When sum1 LOVES us we dont
feel the PAIN of LOVE
we simply enjoy their care.
wen we LOVE som1 we feel the
PAIN & try to PROVE our CARE..

and To REMEMBER even without COMMUNICATION...

You will never realize.
how much you care about a peRsoN
until the thought of his/her being with
someone else is enough to break your heart!!

Best words
for love.
My love will be in my Heart and not in my Words
My Anger will be in my Words and not in my Heart.

The rain falls because,
the cloud can no longer handle the weight.
The tears fall because,
the heart can no longer handle the pain.

Avoiding somthng doesn't always mean that u hate it..
It could also mean that u want it..
But u just know that it isn't  yours.

Fantastic Line By A Me
If My Love Fails.I Wud'nt Die 4 Her
She Might Get A Boyfrnd Again
My Mom Will Never Get A Princ..

Affection is not a business
where u give when u get.
It is a beautiful feeling for someone
whom u lik to give even if u don't get.

Itz crazy
D way u see sm1 for 2mins
Yet it was d best of ur day.
Bt itz crazier wen u find urslf
thinkin abt dat prsn 4 d nxt 23hr n 58min..

Amazing Fact of Life:-
When you really love someone <3
Age, distance, height, and weight are just numbers.. ;) :)

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